Saturday, June 5, 2010


A kitten came with its shivering form
Crying aloud may be in pain
She had strips of white and gold
Se had tiny claws and paws

Unsteady was gait but stare was straight
That stare was sharp and could cut even steel
I met her stare and started to sing
Hoping to stop her shiver and stare

A teardrop formed at the corner of her eyes
Feline eyes of marble and fire
That tear drop fell carving a hole
Through the bowels of my earth

The kitten her margarine voice
And told me to stop my meaningless song…
She was the cat who knew her pain
And cats have a way to deal with that

1 comment:

saree diva said...

Humm a nice one but d ending was abrupt! anyway i liked it! :)